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Amarnath Yatra 2011
29.06.2011 to 13.08.2011

Useful Tips on the Yatra.
The Yatra is organised by the Jammu & Kashmir Govt., in the months of July & August every year. It commences mainly from Pahalgam on specified dates. In recent years the route from Baltal has also been thrown open for the pilgrims to approach the holy Cave.


Pilgrims are advised to carry sufficient wollens such as sweaters, drawers, woolen trousers, monkey cap etc. Other items could include wind cheaters, rain coat, sleeping bag or blankets, umbrella, waterproof boots/shoes, walking stick, torch etc. Ladies are advised not to go on the trek in saris, instead pants or Salwar suits with drawers should be used. Carry needful warm clothings and wind shield and proper shoes. You have to trek through high mountains and there are cold winds blowing. So during the Yatra, take Woolen Clothings, Small Umbrella (only Head Cover with Elastic around Forehead and supported by strap around the chin), Wind shield, Raincoat, Waterproof Shoes (Preferably Hunter Shoes), Torch, Stick, Cap (preferably Monkey Cap), Gloves, Jacket, Woolen Socks and Trousers. These are essential as the climate is unpredictable and changes abruptly from sunny weather to rain and snow. The temperature may abruptly fall even up to -5 degree C.

Medical Assistance
Medical posts manned by qualified doctors and nursing staff are established enroute to cater to the needs of the pilgrims, free of cost. However, pilgrims are advised to carry along any medicines specifically prescribed for them.

Essential rations are available at fair price rates from the specially established Govt. Depots at Chandanwari, Sheshnag and Panchtami. Numerous wayside tea-shops and small restaurants are set up by private parties. However, pilgrims are advised to carry with them biscuits, toffees, tinned food etc. to cater to their immediate needs. Firewood or gas can be obtained at Chandanwari, Sheshnag (Wawajan), Panchtami and near the Cave.

In view of the hazardous nature, pilgrims are advised to insure themselves before proceeding on the Yatra.

Good tented accommodation with allied facilities are set-up during the Yatra period by the J&K TDC as well as private parties. These are provided on the basis of payment of rates fixed by the State authorities. Facilities for booking of such accommodation will be available at the base camps.

Registration of pilgrims are undertaken about a month ahead of the date fixed for commencement of Yatra. The dates are generally notified through press advertisements. No Yatri will be allowed to proceed on the journey without a Registration Card.
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